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XhumaBot connects you with over 50 corporates

Looking to apply for a High School, Undergraduate or Postgraduate bursary? Xhuma has you covered.

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How it works?

All you need is a phone with internet connectivity

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Input your personal information

You will be required to input your personal information and attach the required documentation using your mobile device.

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Choose a funder

Xhuma will suggest the funders that you are eligible for and you will then be able to prioritise which funders you would like to see your application first. If you are not successful with your prioritised funders, we will share your profile with the other eligible funders in our network.

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Sign Up to create an account

Create a XhumaTalent account. No need to try remember your password, Xhuma has you covered with the first passwordless account login system on the continent.

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Load your academic performance

Xhuma allows you to attach your latest academic results using your mobile device.

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Await your application outcome

You can check in with us at any stage to track the progress of your application and its status.

Start your application 

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